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What is a Puffin Hookah Tips?


It’s a flavored candy hookah tip, that enhance Shisha.


Are Puffin Hookah Tips handmade?


Yes, every tip is hand made to perfection! Once you use Puffin Hookah Tips,

you won’t smoke hookah any other way!


How long will it take to get my Puffin Hookah Tips?


We ship out most orders within 2-3 business days. Weekends

and Holidays are not included.


We will also send follow-up emails so you can keep track of your order every

step of the way. We take pride in filling our orders in a timely manner.


How can I carry Puffin Hookah Tips in my Retail Store or

Hookah Lounge?


As a new and upcoming company, we are very excited to offer these services.

Please contact us directly.




Due to the nature of our product under no circumstances do we offer any

return or exchanges. If you have any an issue with your order please contact us.

Will Puffin Hookah Tips fit my Hookah Hose?

All Tips are jumbo size and fits most hose


Can I receive a discount?


Yes, we offer discounts please visit Puffin Plans on the home page.



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